Welcome to IndoVirtue, where server hosting has never been this easy and affordable. We have been around since 2013 with more than 7 years of experience.

We offer USA SSD VPS, Singapore SSD VPS, Singapore Game Server and Singapore CPanel Hosting.



Our product showcase:

From $55/month 

Dedicated Server Hosting

Unmanaged Dedicated Server hosting located in Singapore for your serious and critical needs with premium blazing fast network with low latency to all Asia.
From $55/month 
From $4/month 

Budget Singapore SSD VPS Hosting

Unmanaged VPS located in Singapore, powered by SolusVM control panel with IPV4 reverse DNS enabled and generous affordable bandwidth. No direct China routes.
From $4/month 
From $5/month 


Unmanaged VPS located in West Coast USA with generous 1Gbit port, powered by KVM virtualization with IPV4 reverse DNS enabled and stellar latency to Asia and US.
From $5/month 
From $7/month 

Premium Singapore SSD VPS

Unmanaged KVM and OpenVZ VPS in Singapore with IPV4 and IPV6 reverse DNS enabled, premium blazing fast 10 Gbit bandwidth with low latency to all Asia.
From $7/month 
From $9/year     

Singapore CPanel Website Hosting

Unlimited websites, domains and email accounts is our key features. CPanel also ensures easy of use and full control. Dedicated IP options for SSL is also available.
From $9/year     
From $15/month

Singapore Game Server Hosting

Fully managed with assuring privacy by using dedicated VPS on each game server without any branding. SSH access after accepting use agreement will be given for full control.
From $15/month



Below are some few reasons about why you should choose us:


Awesome Support

We won’t leave you alone when you need support. All you need to do is by making a support ticket to us. We will try to help you as far as we can!

Blazing Fast Network

Our server is connected to multi-homed Gbit network for redundancy, reliability and stability. This is not typical home broadband connection!

Native RDNS Support

You want complete control on your ip RDNS? We have got it covered! You can change the reverse DNS anytime without any hassle in our servers!

Our massive network blend allows for excellent connectivity and latency, covering to many countries in Asia such as Indonesia, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, as well as direct connection into US, Australia and Europe.



Out of curiosity, we have asked some of our customer about their thoughts of IndoVirtue. Here are their responses:

“Having been with Indovirtue for more than 6 months, the SG VPS is good, especially the speed to China, excellent. the network stable, and nearly no downtime at all.”
Andy Ding, seloving
“Your Service i like. Most suitable for my needs. Low cost, best for tester and for small use such as me. I will still use this service. Thx for ur customer service too. so nice and warmly service.”
Myat su Aung, amh ayt
” Having used your servers for more than 10months and counting, the support given more than sufficient in completing/solving the requirements or problems that I had, not to mention having a server that is much more stable compared to my previous service providers. “
Eng Sock Hua, GameBanditSG
” I have been using your server for over 2 months now and it was a smooth run most of the time. The service is great and support doesnt fell short. It is truly / currently the best server provider on the SEA Region (For CS:GO that is). “
Ariff Azham, superOFFICIAL
” I have been a customer since April and I can say that I am really impressed with the quality of support/service provided by the the staff. Their customer service and their level of expertise has been amazing from the start and they will pretty much help you out on any matters related to your game server. As per server performance, I am very much satisfied with the latency (averaging around 60ms) and it’s virtually choke-free state. The staff have been more than kind enough to help optimize my server. The biggest selling point for me is the complete control over your game server. This is the only GSP I know that provided me SSH root access. This enabled me to run additional services and features for my game server that wasn’t even possible on other GSPs. This is the only GSP provider I know that suits most of my needs. I am here to stay. “
Rafael Ibasco, Left4Noobs