Stellar Download Speed

Result of wget (in megabyte, not megabit):

Speedtest result in megabit:

Our network looking glass (for ping, test files to download and traceroute).

Our mini speed test.


Asian-Optimized Low Latency Trip

Low ping network is best for many low-latency critical application, such as game server and VoIP. Single upstream network usually have a good latency to specific country, while being bad at others. Using multiple upstream network allowing us to choose different best-latency network for each specific country destination. The result is a typical low ping to:

Singapore (1ms),
Malaysia (12ms),
Jakarta (15ms),
Thailand (33ms),
Hongkong (35ms),
Philippines (37ms),
Perth Australia (49ms),
China (58ms),
India (60ms),
Taiwan (64ms),
Japan (69ms),
South Korea (71ms),
and Los Angeles (178ms).

More ping results from worldwide. And another result.


Reliable Datacenter

All servers is racked on Epsilon Global Hubs, Singapore. Detailed info in PDF format.


Redundant Network

All servers is connected to a multi-homed network via 7 main upstream providers:
– Deustche Telekom AG
– SingTel
– StarHub
– Hurricane Electric
– 1AsiaCom
and many other private peerings. On single-homed network, if something goes wrong and the connection shuts down, all of the services provided will go down with it. On a multi-homed network, a failure on one end can easily be fixed because the traffic will automatically re-routed into the other available networks, creating a reliable redundant network and hosting service.

Complete AS Info and Peering List.